buildONE | Analytics & Automation

buildONE analytics brings to you effective tools for equipment and facility benchmarking, tariff simulation energy bills validation, savings and paybacks assessment, and activity based costing.

buildONE automation applies to energy baselining, alarming and reporting. Consumption and cost baselines are determined automatically from the data warehouse, intelligent alarms are set-up automatically based on statistical process control, corporate and area level reports are also generated and distributed automatically.

Energy baselining is another powerful tool that buildONE brings to you.

Energy consumption often depends on influence variables such as external temperature, degrees day and working hours that you can be embed in energy baselines. You may design baselines by your own, or you may leave it to the automatic baselining tool embedded in buildONE. If this is your choice, you’ll get notified whenever a significant change in a baseline is detected.

Once you have the baselines for the main loads, you’ll get intelligent alarms set-up automatically, intelligent benchmark based on the relevant consumption drivers, payback estimates and real savings evaluation based on pre and post baselines.