buildONE | 3rd Generation - Energy Management Platform

buildONE is a multi X energy management platform where X stands for energy (you may manage electricity, gas, water, enthalpy, etc.), facility (you may manage multiple facilities in different time zones), criteria (you may drill down by system, cost center, location, process, outsourcer, etc.), level (you can get energy figures and KPI’s from corporate down to machine level), contract (you may manage several energy supply contracts with different tariff schemas), platform (you may have buildONE on the cloud, on premises, as well as at your desktop and mobile), language and more.

The 3 Energy Management System generations in a glance

3-Energy-Management-Systems-Generations evolution

You may manage (almost) everything with buildONE!

- From equipment level monitoring, up to corporate level KPI’s and dashboards.

- From basic data acquisition and processing, up to sophisticated business analytics.

- From direct energy metering, up to carbon footprint.

- From simple tasks (e.g. meters calibration, equipment maintenance and non-conformities management), up to sophisticated business processes (e.g., energy audits, management review and facility certification).

- From simple PDCA management, up to the effective assessment of savings and paybacks in corporate energy programs.

- From simple file archiving, up to full document management system featuring versioning and access control.

- From simple messaging, up to team collaboration tools featuring notifications, instant messaging, emails and kanbans.

One minute set-up

Easy and flexible configuration and set-up

As we know that the needs of your organization often change (new meters, alarm rules, baselines, KPI’s and so on), we developed a set of tools that will guide you throughout the initial set-up of the application, but also whenever you need to implement a change.

For easier field configuration, the platform also provides a set of flexible mechanisms that allow you to get data automatically from field devices, as well as from external data sources (Excel, xml, csv, direct query). You can also configure the platform for manual data input from external files, or by direct editing and copy/pasting in a web Excel like worksheet.

One click management

Every command at your fingertips

For sure when you addressing an issue you like to have every information you need immediately available for sound analysis and decision.

That’s why we carefully design buildONE interfaces, so that you’ll find every data and every command you need at your fingertips.